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We are currently sitting in second spot of East League Division 4, and with Dunfermline Carnegie only needing 29 points from their next 60, first place is unlikely. Preston Village are close behind us in third, meaning that nothing short of three wins from our final three games will do.

If the season wasn’t exciting enough for you already, you will be absolutely ecstatic when we tell you that two superb events have been organised.

Our whirlwind cup run came to an end on Sunday in our first game, which just happened to be the semi-final of the ESCA Plate Competition.

After all the hard work of not playing in the previous rounds, and therefore giving no team the chance of bowling us out in the competition, we made the mistake of turning up for this game and subsequently lost, falling around 30 runs short of a competitive score on a lively wicket, we could only prize 5 Preston Village wickets before they caught our total of just over a hundred.

After the match many players questioned the Westquarter captaincy, and in particular the decision to play the game when the previous tactics of “just not playing” had got us this far. One player was reported to have said:

 “No bowler had troubled me in this competition and there’s nothing like getting a few ‘not out’s under your belt to build the confidence, but the club’s decision to play the game forced me out of my comfort zone and left me in the situation of having to face bowlers, which just isn’t my strength as a batsman.”

The club has yet to make an official statement regarding this but it is rumoured that they will chose to “not play” in next years competition, and will also “not play” in the Masterton Trophy and the Small Clubs Cup, and going on this years “not playing” form someone may have to nip down to Argos for a cheap flat pack trophy cabinet, because there may be some silverware heading down Bailliefields way!

One thing which is for certain is that the club won’t be using these tactics in next years league campaign, as it can’t be any coincidence that on every occasion that Westquarter haven’t played a league match this season they haven’t recorded any points, and more surprisingly scored zero runs and haven’t taken one wicket, not to mention the abysmal fielding with not one single catch recorded

Westquarter & Redding -  Batting
No   Name How Out Bowler Runs 4s 6s
1   R.Sutton Ct Ramzan Jnr N.Grainger 1    
2   S.Farooki Ct. Sibley N.Grainger 5    
3   A. Baqi LBW Ramzan Snr 4 1  
4   H.Mumtaz Bowled D.Russell 36 3 1
5   A.eremiah Run Out 2    
6   M.Sajid Bowled N.Grainger 0    
7   P.Hamilton Bowled N.Grainger 7 1  
8   K.Doherty Bowled D.Russell 9    
9   C.Sharp Ct Ramzan Snr Ramzan Jnr 15 3  
10   D.Lister Ct Hextall D.Russell 19 3  
11   S.Fox Not Out 0    
    Extras (2nb 1w 1lb 1b)   5    
    Total     103 all out  
Preston Village - Bowling
No   Bowler Name Ov M Runs Wkts Ave
1   N.Grainger 8 1 14 4 3.50
2   S.Ramzan Snr 6 2 15 1 15.00
3   G.Barrie 4 2 18 0 -
4   S.Ramzan Jnr 5 0 24 1 24.00
5   D.Russell 7 0 29 3 9.67
Preston Village -  Batting
No   Name How Out Bowler Runs 4s 6s
1   N.Gainger Ct D.Lister Stuart fox 14 1 1
2   Shi. Ramzan Bowled H.Mumtaz 3    
3   D.Russell Not Out 45 4  
4   D.King Ct S.Fox A.Baqi 20 3  
5   A.Sibley Bowled A.Baqi 0    
6   I.Patterson LBW A.Baqi 0    
7   S.Dixon Not Out 5 1  
8   C.Patterson          
9   L.Hextall          
10   Sha. Ramzan          
11   G.Barrie          
    Extras (0nb 5w 7lb 9b)   21    
    Total     108 for 5  
Westquarter & Redding - Bowling
No   Bowler Name Ov M Runs Wkts Ave
1   St.Fox 4 0 18 1 18.00
2   H.Mumtaz 8 3 19 1 19.00
3   P.Hamilton 4 1 5 0 -
4   M.Sajid 5 0 18 0 -
5   A.Baqi 8 1 15 3 5.00
6   S.Farooqi 3 0 12 0 -


For the second time this season we surpassed the club record score, with an emphatic 305 all out against Edinburgh Uni Staff at the weekend. Shoeb Farooqi, Abdul Baqi and Hamad Mumtaz all passed 50 runs, and Andy Abraham weighed in with a solid 36 to anchor the innings after the early loss of Robert Sutton.

A high score looked likely form the offset, but no one expected a score of over 300, and even with one over to go in our innings things were tense, with Peter Hamilton and Stuart Fox smashing boundaries in a remarkable last wicket partnership which had the record ‘crowd’ of over ten people (and at least one dog) in raptures on the sidelines.

End of Season Party

Plans are underway to arrange an end of season party/awards night for September 16th at Fusco’s. Players, ex-players, families, friends, escorts and employees all welcome. Please drop us an e-mail if you are interested in coming along.

Annual Subscriptions

Would all members please note that annual subs are now due. These are £25 for adults and £10 for Juniors and Students. First season players are eligible for discounted club kit along with their annual subs, for a total of £37.50 for adults and £22.50 for juniors/students. This includes subscription, sweater, shirt and hat, and the warm fuzzy feeling of having contributed to the cause. 

Club Kit

We are currently taking orders for club kit, anyone who needs replacement shirts, sweaters, or hats should contact us via the site.

Well, after an eventful start to the season, including all the good and bad things about the game of cricket in Scotland, normality prevailed and it rained for two weeks. Westquarter's league campaign so far has been shaky but promising, with contributions from all of our new recruits plus some excellent performances from the old guard.