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The club received some fantastic news with Falkirk Council Building Control signing the building off this week (August 4th) followed by a final inspection by the Care Commission who will supply Glenbevie with the completion forms next week.


Big thank you to Treasurer Helen Sutton who worked with the council and organised everyone to deliver their individual parts in time for the final inspection. This was on top of already project managing the build and looking after Lucy who turned 1 at the end of July.


Saturday's home game against Morton has been cancelled.


As you will see from the pictures the ground is still flooded which has prevented any grass cutting (and still will) or wicket prep.


Hopefully dry in the next week to get the water away!


With the season starting next week here is a reminder of some key ESCA rules for Division 2.


Matches shall commence at 1.00 pm and will consist of 45 overs.  Each innings should be completed within 2 hours and 50 minutes and the game should finish by 7.30pm.

Where the weather conditions indicate that the full number of overs may not be completed, the number of overs to be played can be reduced by multiples of 5 overs per side with a minimum 20 overs per innings. No reduction in the scheduled number of overs is permitted after the start of the match, with the following exception: If, shortly after the start, there is a significant interruption, sufficient that it becomes unlikely the game can be completed, the match may, with the agreement of both captains, be restarted. Everything occurring before the interruption will be deemed not to have happened with respect to runs scored, wickets taken etc.


2015 Annual Fees


2015 Annual Fees are now due, please can you bring your payment (in cash or cheque) to the next practice session you attend.

Helen or Umar will collect them from you.


Fees are Adults £50, Students/U18/Unemployed £20

It has been confirmed that WRCC have been promoted and will now play the 2015 season in ESCA Division 2.

This is just reward for the fine form they showed in the tail end of the 2014 season.

All we need now is some nice sunny weather!!