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The club has taken another step on it's journey to become an integral part of the local community. After agreement at a previous AGM the club has now become a Community Interest Company (CIC) showing its commitment to providing services to the local communty.


Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club C.I.C. Directors

  • Umar Aslam
  • George McLauchlan
  • Paddy O'Growney
  • Helen Sutton
  • Stephen Sutton



What is a CIC?

A CIC (or Community Interest Company) is a normal limited company with extra features to mark it out as a Social Enterprise. A CIC has to carry out activities which fulfil a community purpose which is defined when the application is made to set the CIC up.  


Key Features:

  • CICs have an asset lock to ensure that any company surplus is only used for the community purpose that was originally intended, and not private gain.
  • To ensure that CICs are run for the benefit of the community, the proceeds of any asset sales must be returned for the benefit of the company, or another CIC (or registered charity).
  • Each year, the directors must submit an annual community interest report to Companies House alongside its accounts, detailing how the company has been working in the interests of the community over the previous 12 months.
  • CICs are regulated by The Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies and are subject to standard Company Law – including the Companies Act 2006.


Club's Activites

  • To provide and maintain sporting, namely cricket, facilities for Falkirk and the surrounding 
  • Provide practical experience in coaching for coaches and aspiring coaches who require such experience for their CPD, to achieve coaching qualifications or any other purpose.
  • To help, where possible, other local sports clubs and to become a Community Sports Hub.