26th June 1999 - Drummond, Home

Saturday, June 26, 1999 will loom large in the annals of Westquarter Cricket Club, for it was on this date that the side finally played the first full match at their new ground, renamed Bailliefields in memory of club stalwart, Tom Baillie, who died earlier this year.

Groundsman John Sharp had prepared a fast, true pitch for the visit of League leaders Drummond and for once this typically miserable Scottish summer the weather played a positive role, players and the sizeable crowd basking in the pleasant sunshine. Home captain Jim Sharp won the toss and had little hesitation in inserting the opposition. He could have had few complaints with his sterling seam attack, their unerring accuracy and controlled aggression frustrating the Edinburgh side, which lost wickets at regular intervals.

Pick of the bowlers was undoubtedly Bobby Angus. He defied the stamina sapping conditions in an unbroken spell of 15 overs. His bowling mixture of pinpoint accuracy and late swing yielded four crucial wickets for a miserly 23 runs, easily his best effort of the season. Bizarrely, his haul included that most rare of modes of dismissal, a hit wicket, when a rising ball startled Drummond captain Steve Coulson, lost his balance and unceremoniously dislodged a bail.

Coutts and Kennedy briefly took advantage of the lightning quick outfield to bludgeon a succession of boundaries before Colin Churchill was reintroduced to the attack. He made full use of the hard and bouncy track to instil trepidation in the capital side's batsmen, and put the wind up Grant Weatherstone who suffered a nasty blow to the ribs. However, this failed to cloud his judgement and he was hailed a hero by his colleagues for remaining not out. Pint sized last man Claremont showed plenty of spirit, but when Crawford Churchill took a spectacular low diving catch off his brother, Drummond had been bowled out for 120 in the 45th over.

Given the favourable nature of the pitch and outfield for batting, most observers agreed that such a total was some considerable distance short of competitive. It took little time for their predictions to be proved correct.

Openers Rab Sutton and Crawford Churchill set about their task with the aura of men who were in a hurry to be elsewhere, stroking the ball to the boundary with ease. Churchill's departure from the first ball of the seventh over for a rapid fire 23 only briefly slowed the momentum, as first Steve Sutton then Barry Sutherland picked up the gauntlet. Rab Sutton was dismissed for the first time this season after four previous not outs, his average thereby plummeting to a Kluseneresque 198! To the delight of his vociferous fans on the sidelines, Sutherland plundered runs aplenty from the hapless seven man Drummond attack. Although he was ably supported by the younger Sutton sibling and Sharp, it was fitting that the swashbuckling Sutherland should smite the winning runs, with his seventh boundary taking him to 40 not out and Westquarter to second spot in the League.

Result: Drummond 120 all out (T Coutts 38, S Kennedy 30, RS Angus four for 23, CS Churchill two for 26) 3 points; Westquarter 122 for three (BS Sutherland 40no, RA Sutton 23, CR Churchill 23) 25 points.

  Drummond Innings How Out Bowler Runs 4's 6's         1 Coulson Hit Wicket Angus 12 1           2 Morrison Ct. Churchill CS Riddoch 8 1           3 Kennedy Ct. Sutton RA Sharp J 30 4 1         4 Mitchell L.B.W. Angus 2             5 Coutts Ct. Sutton RA Angus 38 5 1         6 McCallum Bowled Angus 0             7 Sawyer Ct. Sharp J Sutton SM 8 2           8 Weatherstone Not Out   6 1           9 Clermont Ct. Sutton RA Churchill CS 2             10 Hewitt Ct. Churchill CR Churchill CS 0             11                       Extras (b 1,lb 6,w 6,nb 1)     14                   TOTAL 120 All Out                                 FOW 15 27 43 70 74 85 114 120 120   Batsman 2 1 4 3 6 7 5 9 10                         Westquarter Bowlers O M Runs Wkts             FJ Riddoch 11 4 19 1             CS Churchill 11.5 3 26 2             RS Angus 15 7 23 4             J Sharp 5 0 32 1             SM Sutton 2 1 13 1                                   Westquarter Innings How Out Bowler Runs 4's 6's         1 RA Sutton Caught Clermont 23 5 2         2 CR Churchill Bowled Weatherstone 23 4           3 SM Sutton Bowled Coutts 16 2           4 BS Sutherland Not Out   40 7           5 JD Sharp Not Out   9 1           6 CS Churchill                   7 WB Small                   8 J Sharp                   9 K Doherty                   10 RS Angus                   11 FJ Riddoch                     Extras (b 1,lb 1,w 9)     11                   TOTAL 122 For 3 Wkts                                 FOW 34 63 97               Batsman 2 1 3                                     Drummond Bowlers O M Runs Wkts             Kennedy 6 0 37 1             Clermont 4 0 20 0             Weatherstone 5 2 12 1             Coulson 8 1 14 0             Hewitt 1 0 11 0             Coutts 2.3 0 16 1             McCallum 2 0 10 0